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Chazore said:

Not sure why Blizzard have to turn WoW into a horrid F2P MMO, or a completely free one, since that would be a game that wouldn't make them money, and it still isn't akin to a multiplayer mode, since WoW is a massively open world RPG, not a console multiplayer system service, or Netflix for that matter.

Justifying everything?, you mean like how you're justifying the cons, mentioning none of the pros and calling it a day, while taking a good chunk of the thread to talk about my sig?.

You've done it again, you've managed to bring up another "we do it, but those guys are the absolute worst" type of arguments.

And yes, yes there is some hostility, because for a good chunk of our conversation, you have been putting a lot of focus on just my signature and involving WoW as a sideline topic, to make it appear as if we're not already treading into off topic territory. The thread is about the reasons, not the signatures, not a meme.

And for the last time I was on topic until you replied to me because you don't like me being on topic: The topic being why do I feel console gaming is better than PC gaming, I said why and you don't like a console peasant exposing PC flaws because (and now it's obvious) you are a PC Master Race believer. If you can't take it that people see the flaws in PC's, too bad for you. And do you plan to repeat a million times that I don't mention the pros of PC when I explained clearly why SEVERAL times? Cause no point in me repeating it again since you will simply ignore it AGAIN.

If you did not get it yet, you won't get it now. PC is not perfect and I'm glad I did what I did cause your reaction proves PC criticism is a necessary thing, you know just so you guys don't get too high on your PCMR pedestal. And if you consider hostility when people are forthright about PC's flaws then too bad for you my friend. If you don't mind being hostile towards console gamer don't complain when console gamers call you out on your PCMR BS.

Last edited by CrazyGamer2017 - on 18 November 2017