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Chazore said:

We're going off topic here with the whole fixation on PCMR and the "logic" behind it all.

Justifying WoW?, you mean like how WoW started off as a sub based Massive multiplayer online game?. How else were they to make money and keep the servers going back in 2004?. They weren't Sony or MS back then, they weren't billionaires, and WoW exploded at such a rate that they needed more and more, but I guess once you start an MMO, you're automatically a non charity case.

Also, you can pay for your WoW sub via WOW tokens, which you can buy with in-game gold, just like with Star Wars ToR. Suggesting the MMO go "F2P" would set it down the path of MT's up the wazoo and lesser quality in return. I've seen how all those F2P MMO's turned out, and it's not been a pretty and objectively better sight.

Like it or not, WoW is an MMO game, not a multiplayer sub service for a console. Otherwise every sub service on this planet is exactly a multiplayer service hub, but that's further from the reality we live in.

You treat both sides equally, but you don't know the pros of the other side, but you want to give out the flaws of one side and the pros of the otehr?, that doesn't really seem like sound logic (while we're on the topic of pointing out logic in general).

You don't have much of a sig, that much is true, but the sig isn't exactly a harmless one either, calling everything pointless, lives and all, a rather bleak and angsty look on life if you ask me.

But other than that, good to know we've gone from civility to non civility

Ahh, so this wasn't a general discussion that was tame or anything, it was really leading up to a punchline about the sig and another Don type discussion. Good to know that's where this was heading.

"You are FREE to believe PC gaming is so superior and that us console gamers are worms crawling around on the earth and worthless of breathing the same air as you"

See, this is now you projecting onto me, putting a label on me already and deciding to be done with it, without any word or anything, unless it's me adhering to your line of thought. I wouldn't bother taking this further off topic or talking about the same logic over and over again. It's about the OP topic, not PCMR.

And you keep on JUSTIFYING WoW as if the way they run their company was any of your business. Your business is to get the best deal which you don't cause you must pay a subscription to that game. So you justify them but I DO NOT justify paying for online gaming access as the PS+ or Xbox Live do. That's why PC gaming needs to be criticized from the outside cause you PC Gamers ALWAYS keep on justifying anything that happens in the world of PC. (And before you say anything on this, let me say that I KNOW, it's not ONLY PC gamers that do that. But you guys are experts in this department)

AGAIN why should I know the pros of the other side, let me write this in cap so maybe you can remember: I DON'T PLAY ON PC, so how am I expected to know the pros? All I need to do is acknowledge the pros. If something is positive about PC's I'm FINE with it, can you understand that my friend? If only you could be fine TOO with the pros of console gaming, you don't need to know them if you don't play on console, just acknowledge them. But to do that you need to come down from your PCMR pedestal and look at the world from a different point of view. Fake charts about how PC gaming is cheap and console gaming is super expensive in your sig are NOT going to help you do that.

As for my sig it's a reference to Rick's philosophy from the show Rick and Morty and it has absolutely nothing to do with our discussion. So if you're going to try and justify your anti-console PCMR sig with my gaming unrelated sig, it's going to be a dead end for your argument.

You said: "it's about the OP topic, not PCMR".

The OP topic was fine, I gave my opinion on my first post on this thread in accordance to the OP topic... Then YOU started this argument cause you did not like that someone talked about PC flaws, which I must repeat AGAIN, goes in accordance with the topic of this thread.

And finally, on the topic of non-civility, I'm not sure what you mean? I'm having a normal discussion. I simply don't let you get away with the notion that PC is above the rest of us. That's all my first post was about and that's all my subsequent replies to your posts are all about.

Cheers mate

Last edited by CrazyGamer2017 - on 16 November 2017