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Replicant said: 
Probably a comment on posts like this saying that people only buy consoles because they can't afford a PC.
Clearly, this is not the case with you, SvennoJ and many others (myself included).
SvennoJ said: 
Yeah, I moved all the double DVDs (reoplaced with blu-ray) and the whole original star trek series out of the way as well as many games traded in and given away. Currently it's so full movies are lying flat on top as well. Time for more shelves or purge more DVDs.

The bolded was towards the "Console gamers, why do you feel console gaming is better than pc" thread :p

You where right Replicant! Somehow I missed that thread myself.

I was throwing away so many DVDs this summer, and it was such a shame. Purging the collection as you do seems like a smarter idea. By doing it continuously the media at least has some value.

BasilZero said: 
Likely late 2018.

We'll see ya in the 2018 ed of the thread

Chazore said:
Over the past few days I've been working on redecorating my room, from the floor to the walls, but I likely won't be finished until either Dec or Jan. All I have space wise atm would be the desk with the rig and monitor taking the space.

Be sure to post it whenever it is finished

Shiken said:
Soooo basically my game room in 2017 is...WHEREVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE! >=D

What a cop out!

Ka-pi96 said:
People showing off their big screens and all I've got is a 22 inch

Show us, big TVs are just compensating xD

d21lewis said: 
Swap out the Xbox One S for an Xbox One X and here you go:

I've done a better job hiding my wires and decorating since this video, too.

I'm curious how your improved room looks like~

m0ney said:

My setup, is better:

I like the 4:3 monitor!

zygote said:
This thread woild be even cooler if we each gave our gaming setups a unique name to describe its epicness. Like mine is “Zygote’s Twisty Twirl Build a Fun” or “Zygote’s Rebirth Unearth 2017.” :p

A picture is worth a thousand words

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