Shiken said:

The battery life is pretty close to the VITA, which is a handheld.  So because it has a dock, it does not qualify?  You are reaching, and laughably at that.

Show me a 300 dollar laptop or mobile device that can run DOOM even close to what the Switch does, then you can talk about standards and shortcomings.

No. I am saying because it has a dock and it can function as a home-console it should thus be compared to the other home consoles.
It's a simple premise.

The Switch is trying to be the jack-of-all trades remember, that does indeed come with that particular caveat of being compared to other platforms. - Don't like it? To bad.
Picking and choosing what platforms the Switch should be compared against is silly and nonsensical... Because knowing my luck if I started comparing the Switch to more powerful mobile devices someone will interject and say "But it's a Home Consoles!" - It's a no-win situation due to it's hybrid design.

So what do we do? We compare it against all the devices it is competing against.
That means the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Vita, 3DS, Mobile and so on.

Shiken said:

You have nothing to compare it to, so you are comparing a portable device to a home console.  It honestly just seems to me you are against the Switch.  There is no other reason to crucade the way you are given the facts and nature of the device.

I have a spare PC that is about 10~ years old. It plays Doom better than the Switch.
And yes. I am against the Switch's hardware. - I have been pretty vocal about that, that isn't some kind of new revelation you have stumbled upon, it's pretty common knowledge.
Yet, I will give credit where credit is due, you are not required to agree with it either.

Shiken said:

Again, want the full HD version, get it for PS4.

I wouldn't dare lower myself to only Full HD.

Shiken said:

Want a portable version, get it for Switch.  Not that hard of a concept, and both are fully playable.  Just because something does not hit what you desire just because you do not like the nature of the device it is on does not make it a flaw in the port or the Hardware.

The Switch's form factor does not appeal to me.

I have already stated multiple times prior on this forum that if Nintendo wishes for me to purchase a Switch... Then it needs to ditch the joycons, screen, battery, dock... And sell it at lower price with full/better performance and then I will buy it.

The games do appeal to me, the form factor does not.
I do own other Nintendo consoles, so don't think I am anti-Nintendo by any means.

Shiken said:
And FYI, your standard of 1080p 60fps has never been and never will be what the current base model consoles have put out.  By your logic, the PS4 and X1 were outdated at launch and the X1X and PS4Pro are weak because they fail to do what they set out to, which is native 4k (at 60fps in terms of the X1X).  Oddly enough, the Switch does do what it set out to.  Console quality games on the go with the option to play on your TV AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 WAS outdated upon launch, I have also been a heavy critic of their anemic hardware since we knew what the internals of those devices were.
The Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro are also underpowered as like you said... They fail to guarantee 4k.

But guess what? The Playstation 4 and Xbox One's terrible hardware doesn't somehow make the Switch's even more anemic hardware more tolerable, in fact is does the opposite.

Shiken said:
So unless you are a PC gamer, you may as well just quit because nothing will ever meet your "standards".

It's almost like you know me.

curl-6 said:

Switch offers way more than Wii U did; nothing released in the Wii U's first year was in the same league as Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey. 

I think Breath of the Wild is what truly cemented the Switch in the eyes of the many though.
Despite the game being on the Wii U as well... Everyone seemed to be talking about it on the Switch at the time.

Which is great for Nintendo, you do tend to want the focus on your new shiny product.

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