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Chazore said:

My signature involves no "dirty console peasants" of any sort. Read the bottom line, you'll notice it shows care for performance of others, than for myself. I know of the joke's origins and I know it was a right fun mick take, because back then I laughed at Yahtzee taking the mick, and I still do today. I don't wear it like a badge of pride, I wear it as a joke, because that's how it was designed to be. Those that wear it as a badge of pride twist what the meme was designed for (which still doesn't change what it was defined to be).


Have you noticed so far, that I haven't mentioned anything about your choice being inferior in any way?. I've owned consoles before, in fact I plan on grabbing a Switch in early to mid 2018 (when the Switch charge project is completed and ready for shipment). There are even times when I say to a few colleagues of mine at work "PCMR" when I mention of a busted port job, and they get the joke, they understand what I meant.

Well forgive me but to me it feels that you are obfuscating the issue. I had to read twice your entire post and even then I'm not sure I fully understand what you are saying. That I don't know what I'm saying, that I don't understand PC gaming cause I don't play it, that I talk about PC flaws and ignore Console flaws? I'm a bit tired so maybe that's why I don't fully get what you're saying so maybe I should get back to the basics.

1: In this thread on my first post I talked about PC flaws ONLY as a "reply" to those PC gamers that take themselves too seriously with their PC Master Race cry. I ONLY demonstrated that PC's TOO have flaws. at NO POINT did I hint or say that consoles are perfect. All I'm saying is that when it comes to flaws there are NO master races and no peasants. If a console gamer starts screaming consoles master race, I'll call him out on that EXACTLY as I do PC gamers but so far you must admit that ONLY PC people love to scream that they are the master race and they add that we are the peasants.

2: I have no problems whatsoever in talking about console flaws so not sure why you mention that I only see PC flaws when my whole point was that all systems have pros and cons. The only thing I said in this regard is that my PERSONAL choice of gaming is on consoles.

3: Unlike some I don't need to put a signature that screams consoles master race or console is better than other systems. And maybe you do it as a joke or to make a statement in reference to the original meme. The point is you still wear in fat letters that PC is the master race and yet you keep saying that I am biased but that you totally understand consoles. Maybe you do, I'm not saying you are like those guys that take themselves too seriously, maybe you're more understanding of both sides than I give you credit for. The fact remains that your signature does NOT help support that fact.

Your signature does not involve insults like "dirty peasants" but on top of the huge letters of PC master race you clearly added (in case you think I did not notice) "why I left console gaming". You don't see on my signature "why I never gamed on a PC" and you know why? Cause that's intrinsically aggressive towards those who game on PC. Don't get me wrong, I can understand that in a thread on the issue of gaming on one system or the other or on a thread where the OP asks you why you game on this system or why you don't game on that system, that you explain then that you don't game on console and then you give the reason why. But that's not the case here. You wish to show to everybody no matter what the topic discussed that 1:PC is the MASTER RACE and 2: WHY YOU DONT GAME ON CONSOLES... And again that does NOT help your image of someone that is neutral and that understands that gamers choose either PC or consoles.

And perhaps the worst part is when I click on that line that is according to you the reason why you don't game on console. And I look at it and I'm like, wow, no way this is not a joke or something... Cause the info on that chart is ridiculous. You know, the one whose title is "Cost of gaming on PC vs PS4/Xbox through time..."

First if you get a 650 dollars PC you are NOT going to be gaming on it for 8 years without upgrading the hardware inside and of course that chart does not take the upgrades into account which is dishonest. Second, that chart adds the costs of the PSN+ And the Xbox live as if ALL players needed to use the PSN+ or the Xbox live. I don't use those cause I don't care for online games like COD or Star Wars microtransaction the Empire of Lootboxes etc... But for argument's sake let's include those costs regardless and I know the point here: that Online is free on PC and not on consoles. And that is mostly true and it's something I don't like in consoles and totally disagree with. But if you are being honest, you are conveniently forgetting that if you don't pay an online subscription for games on PC, you still pay a subscription for some games on PC, like World of Warcraft. Last time I checked that game, you had to pay every month if you wanted to keep playing the game so while I ADMIT this is not as bad as the PS+ and the Xbox live, out of honesty it should be included into that chart, but it's NOT... And third, 60 dollars per game on console is only true if you buy the game day one, but if you wait a bit, prices go down, A LOT down. I haven't paid 60 bucks for a game in many years so while day one prices of AAA games are indeed too much on consoles, it's not an absolute fact as the games end up being cheap. And that's not even talking about indie games, cause those are NEVER 60 bucks even on day one...

So not only that chart is biased and misleading and obviously made by someone that really believes that PC is the master race, but the fact that you base your reasoning on that does again NOT HELP your side of the argument. So the bottom line is you insist you are not one of those idiots who take themselves too seriously with the PCMR cry, yet you have PCMR on your signature, you type a line "Why I left console gaming" and you link it to some ridiculous chart that was made by the people you claim to disagree with, yet you quote their console hate as your main reason not to game on consoles. I'm sorry my friend but none of that adds up.

Last edited by CrazyGamer2017 - on 14 November 2017