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d21lewis said:

My YouTube recommendations are, for some reason, overflowing with videos from PC gamers attacking console games. Whenever I see a Facebook post from Sony or Microsoft, there's a guarantee that somebody will comment "My  PC can blah, blah." I've never been a PC gamer (or really given much consideration about the habits and thought process of the PC gamer) so I can't really refute their arguments. At the same time, they seem to have some misconceptions about the current state of console gaming as well.

I'd just like to know why you choose to be a console only "peasant", compared to the "Glorious PC Master Race".

Why? Where do I begin?

Because I want a system so I can play video games and not a system so I can spend my time telling people how my system is great and so much better than other systems.

I want a system I feel comfortable with and not a system that would allow me to call other people "peasants" too ignorant to be part of the "glorious master race". The sole fact some people need to say that shows they have some insecurity issues they need to deal with.

I want a system that has the games I love and the fact is most games I love are on PS4. This is subjective I suppose. Someone else can find most of the games they love on other systems too.

No matter what people say, I cannot and never will feel comfortable playing games with a mouse and a keyboard. Bear in mind that those two devices were invented for OTHER purposes (typing and scrolling through documents) and using them as gaming devices is a derivative use rather than a primary one. For me nothing beats a controller which was made for games and nothing else.

Why would I game on small computer screen when I can game on my 55" TV screen? And before anyone says that you can too with a computer, I'll say: I know you can but TV gaming is a "console" thing whereas computer gaming is a "computer" thing first and plugging that to your TV is kind of a way from PC gamers to admit that plugging your console to a TV is not a bad idea so they are going to do it too which is fine as long as you are not one of those PC gamers that love to call yourself the master race and us console gamers, peasants. Cause feeling so superior and ending up doing what we console gamers have been doing from the very beginning of consoles history, is kind of lame.

I love a dedicated closed environment like the one on PS4 and I don't want to deal with the million small things you need to deal with when you game on a PC (compatibility issues, drivers, installing issues, DRM's, upgrading hardware inside the computer, viruses etc...)

I love to know that whether my Console (PS4 for example) is brand new or 5 years old, that it will still play the games EXACTLY as they are meant to be played. Try to play one of those brand new super graphically demanding AAA games on a 5 years old computer on which you have NOT upgraded the components inside and you'll see what I mean... And before someone says, the game will still play, I'll say: Sure, I'm not saying it does not play at all, I'm saying it won't perform as well as it would on a brand new PC with the latest GPU, whereas a console whether brand new or many years old, a game for that console will perform EXACTLY the same.

For 400 Euros I can get the PS4 Pro, for even less I can get the regular PS4, not sure I can get the latest computer with the latest TITAN 1080 super blah blah GPU plus a great CPU plus a great 4K computer screen for that amount of money. I'm just making a point here, of course I know I CANNOT get such a high end computer for that small amount of money.

And so on and so forth... I could go on for a while but this is a post in a forum and not a 300 pages book. And to be clear I'm NOT saying gaming on PC is bad or anything like that, I would just like that PC gamers stop calling us names and calling themselves the master race. Instead they should spend their time enjoying their games and letting us console gamers enjoy ours. There are pros and cons to every system but as long as one enjoys the pros of one's system of choice, that's all that matters, IMO.

Last edited by CrazyGamer2017 - on 14 November 2017