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caffeinade said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

My entire argument is that the Switch will now Sell more LT than the PS4. That's literally the topic of the thread.
I understand the switch, I understand why it's selling and I understand that it's selling very very well but what I don't understand is why you think it will outsell PS4 LT. Reaching 60 million will happen but will be tough, and that's just to get where the PS4 was a couple of months ago. 

Every year people have said the PS4 will slow down, this train is only getting started ;) 

The gaming market overall is growing year on year.
The Switch, releasing years after the PS4 should give it a natural LT sales edge.

Also, China.

Which is why the PS4 keeps on selling well no matter how many times people say it's 'peaked'

How so? Intrigued to understand that.

China? That'll be interesting to see but I really doubt the Chinese market will add much. Just because there's a lot of people doesn't mean sales are massive, ie India. 

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