Superman4 said:
SpokenTruth said:

Yes and no.  American citizens will not be willing to take those jobs for the same pay and lack of benefits that the illegal immigrants were.  That means fewer will be hired and/or costs will go up for construction, labor, food, trasnportation, etc...  Even worse is the fact we do not have enough expereinced or qualified workers to fill those lost jobs.

Americans want their cheap housing and food.  Americans also want their higher wages.  Americans can't get both by deporting illegals/stopping illegal immigration.

So what you are saying is that the Democrats new and improved Slavery by using illegals is OK because it saves money. We dont have the trained people because the current platform isnt designed for US citizens, its designed for illegals. Forcing companies to follow the law and hire Americans will give them the opportunity to learn a trade and provide for their family in a way that wasnt available to them before. Perfect candidates are recent High school graduates and trade schools designed for construction, farming etc.  If the ACA stays, everyone is required to have insurance. HIring illegals, paying them low wages and no benefits is and should be a crime. Anyone caught doing it should be fined at minimum 2 million per employee and any employees caught get deported immedietly with no option to return legally.

There is plenty of demand for jobs in areas such as agriculture and the trades. If Americans want those jobs, they can get them. I worked in the trades for a while and I was pretty much constantly told that no one my age was getting into the trades, and its not because they don't have experience or training. I got in making a solid paycheck with no knowledge of the work whatsoever. Half my coworkers were living in a halfway home. No one else would hire them but the trades need the laborers. There is a pretty dire labor shortage even with illegal laborers. 

A big part of the problem is that the US school system is pushing everybody into college instead of being focused on the demand for jobs. Illegal workers are typically filling a dire need in areas where US workers aren't picking up the slack, not forcing US workers out. 

Further, while I agree that companies shouldn't be paying anyone below minimum wage (and many illegal immigrants do make above minimum wage), the purpose of the minimum wage is to protect workers. Getting rid of someone's income and sending them out of the country isn't protecting them. If the goal is actually to protect workers, it can easily be done through amnesty. Otherwise, I find the appeal to emotion to ring a bit hollow.