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Dulfite said:
StarDoor said:
1.) A legit mainline Pokemon game was already confirmed at E3.

2.) What if there are two generations of Pokemon on Switch, like there were on DS and 3DS?

1) Legit, in my book, either means a new type of triple A budget open world game, or an HD new version of the handheld games. Pokemon Stadium or any other thing they may call "mainline" wouldn't count, but I get your point and i am inclined to agree that their definition of mainline is the same as ours.

2) Then they will canabolize each other.

1.) At E3, it was specifically announced that Game Freak is developing a "core Pokemon RPG". Game Freak has literally never made a single Pokemon game other than the mainline titles.

2.) X/Y and Sun/Moon are going to sell over 16 million each, Diamond/Pearl and Black/White sold 17.67 million and 15.64 million respectively. If that's your idea of cannibalization, are you predicting that Animal Crossing is going to sell 16 million at minimum on Switch?