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All ya'll talkin' 'bout how SMO or MK8 or ZeldaBOTW or SPLAT2N are gonna sell the most, I'm making my own prediction. Quote me on this 5 years from now or whatever.

When Nintendo unveils Animal Crossing Universe, it will destroy everything... EVERYTHING (other than one game)!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wild World is over 12 mil and New Leaf is closing in on 10 mil

City Folk (console version) was over 4 mil.


Switch version will probably unify the versions and tap into both of their selling power combined to go for 10-20 million units. This isn't a two way battle for the top, this is a three way battle. This is my prediction:


Animal Crossing will be the #2 selling game on the Switch lifetime, other than Pokemon (and that's only if they release a legit mainline pokemon game, otherwise Animal Crossing is 1st).

Deal with it