KLXVER said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Ahem....i've known EA since I was a young lad. Please let me translate this...

EA not understand the switch= I cannot find a way to beat Nintendo games in quality and nickel and dime their customers on an annual basis. If I cannot, I am at a intellectual and functional crossroads. :)

Same with them and Sony though. The quality of Sony games are way superior to EA.

Yep. Console first party should always have titles meant to draw people to their console if they want longeivty. Why do you think EA tried to copy God of War and Uncharted with Dantes Inferno and Star Wars 1313?  This iss why Sony, Nintendo and their first party are pivotal to the industry. They both learn from third party too so its a reciprocal thing. They just make their games with a unique flare.