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irstupid said:
the_dark_lewd said:
Nope. Over its lifetime probably but not that quickly. Zelda probably won't have sold that much.

Breath of the wild is at that number right now, counting Swtich only. Wii U version is another 1.1+ million on top. So looks like Zelda did it.

LipeJJ said:

You mean Zelda won't sell 5m LT? Or in 6 months? If it's the later, of course it won't: it's a launch game (smaller install base) and it won't experience a holiday season during its 6 months. It's a completely different story for Splatoon 2 tho, which will release on a 5m or 6m install base and enjoy a full holiday season on its first 6 months. ^^ 

Well, Zelda might have outsold Splatoon 1 in its frist 6 months.  I mean its at basically 6 million right now and its been what 7 months, or is it 8?

Platina said:
Pretty bold, not sure how many Switches will be sold by then, but I'm doubtful it can hit 4M that soon

Have doubts that MK8 DX can hit 4M by the end of the year too :/

Software Numbers:

BotW: 4.70M
Mk8DX: 4.42M
Splatoon 2: 3.61M
1-2 Switch: 1.37M
ARMS: 1.35M

MK8DX easily got that 4 million. Looks like we will have 3 games that sell over the Splatoon 1 4.67 number. I Wonder what Mario Oddyssey will do by Jan 1 2018.

Odyssey at 2M in 3 days, so it will see a good boost during the holiday

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