Ryng_Tolu said:
LimaBean01 said:
Wow so far your prediction has been great, only 630k off is nothing compared to literally everyone else’s. Did you come back from the future?

Also, I think the absolute maximum this year would be 15.5 million or so, which would result from it selling ~ 8million in Q4. Mainly because I don’t see it selling as well as the 3ds did during that time because of remaining supply constraints in Japan and America.

To be honest, i think my 8 million prediction is a bit too extreme. 7/7.5 million is probabily more likely. But, since so far Switch has shipped 630,000 more than what i expected, overall shipments for the year should be super close. I just underestimated summer sales, and probabily overestimated holidays sales. We can expected Switch at 14 to 16 million shipped by end of the year, imo

tbone51 said:
Oh i thought this was a tbone51 thread!

Lets goooooo! You got this

what was your prediction in January?

I dont remember