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Innocent Life was an experiment. A bit of a proto-Rune Factory.

And you shouldn’t play any Harvest Moon games published after 2013. It’s not the same franchise, it’s the result of a trademark snipe by the North American localization company “Natsume.”

To give some details:

“Harvest Moon” was the localized version of a Japanese game franchise called Bokujo Monogatari. Natsume published the franchise in North America under the name “Harvest Moon.” That essentially became the name of the game outside of Japan, as other publishers adopted “Harvest Moon.” In Japan, the team who developed Bokujo Monogatari became prosperous, and expanded, forming Marvelous and developing many more games in their charming style. Eventually they wanted to take control of their own product’s localization, and formed a branch company called Xseed Games. Despite the fact that “Harvest Moon” was the name of Marvelous’s product, the courts awarded the rights of the trademark to Natsume.

As a result, Natsume has been tricking people by stamping the “Harvest Moon” trademark on to cheaply made garbage clones.

People who were fans of “Harvest Moon” are actually fans of Bokujo Monogatari, and that is now published as Story of Seasons.

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