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it reminds me more of Rune Factory than Story of Seasons (Harvest Moon 1997-2013) in regards to story and upgrading.

* It’s simpler and more accessible.

* Mechanics are more RPG-like.

* Relationship system isn’t excruciatingly long.

* Days feel more varied, like, I can finish all my farming stuff between 6 and 10, then spend all the rest of the day doing other things -- like exploring the town. This is more like Rune Factory, as Story of Seasons felt more like a trade off if heading into town rather than spending all time on crops and money making. It feels like more can get done in a day, and you’re not constantly fighting the clock - and there’s always something to do, so it’s not like you get to 1pm and call it a day; I find stuff to do every day until 11pm.

* It is lacks the polish of Story of Seasons and Rune Factory Frontier, but is is fairly expansive. I think only Rune Factory Frontier and Tides of Destiny are more expansive.

* A flaw common to both this game, and the others, is that there is no good in-game resource to tell what the best thing is to do with items: gifting, crafting, selling, etc... So like Rune Factory/Story of Seasons, you’ll spend a lot of time in the wikis. It’s my one pet peace with these games. 

So far, it’s no Rune Factory Frontier, but I already have much more than my money’s worth. For the price, the game is a steal, it’s worth at least 4X what it actually costs; as any Story of Seasons or Rune Factory game will cost a lot more. I highly recommend it.

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