Out of all the 3rd party games coming to the Switch this year, the two I've seen people arguing more about are TES Skyrim and FIFA 2018. Outside of Mario + Rabbids (which is technically a Mario game), these two seem to be the biggest western 3rd party games for the Switch, and their success or failure could mean a lot for the system in the long run. So which one do you think it's going to sell better, Skyrim or FIFA 18?

Skyrim PROS Skyrim CONS
Skyrim on the go. Skyrim is already everywhere else, and at a discounted price.
Nintendo consoles like games like Skyrim, just like Zelda BOTW's sales prove. Bethesda has a less than perfect rep when it comes to launch performances, so it might hold back initial sales.
  Not a single mention of mods, implying that they may not come to this version.


FIFA Switch is coming at the same time as the other versions. They haven't included features the other versons have, like the Story mode, making this version look inferior.
Local multiplayer on the go seems like a great deal. EA's previous "Unprecedented partnerships" might scare Nintendo fans away.
  Its sales will inmediately stop after the next FIFA is announced.


First week of FIFA 18

First week of TES Skyrim

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You know it deserves the GOTY.

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