sethnintendo said:
CartBlanche said:
If you guys need a PHP coder or someone who knows SQL, let me know. I've coded whole sites from scratch in the past. IIRC I offered my services a year or so ago, last time there was a long break between chart updates. Or if you don't want to use me get Brett to pay a PHP guy to fix this stuff permanently.
Sounds like Brett like to keep tight control to the detriment of the VG community.
Alternatively the community could create another site where chart updates etc aren't delayed and then the community could migrate.

And perhaps even a functioning database where we can keep track of our collection again.  Not sure why it became broken in first place.  I think it happened when the database guy oliist (puppy dog avatar) left the site for gamefaqs or when gamewise was trying to be shoved down our throats.

Indeed indeed. Keeping track of it here was a pleasure in the past!