Machina said:
Green098 said:

It's ok I think it's seems that a lot of people here are used to a wait when it comes to the sites numbers anyways lol. Any chance when everything is sorted the charts will be updated at a bit of a faster pace to catch up for the lost time?

Yeah I will definitely make an effort to push the software out a bit faster than my usual rate once I can get started again. It's not exactly happened at the best of times though - I'm going on holiday in 5 weeks' time (I'll still work on them on holiday, but at a slightly slower rate than normal).

As for the hardware that's Trunks' area and I think he's waiting for Brett to adjust PS4 up before he gets started again.


As an addition to my first post I'll say this - we're doing our best with the tools we have. If Brett ever gives us the ability to adjust post-chart publication and reset charts we can actually return to the super old school schedule where we were basically only a fortnight behind the actual date. As it is, at present, the best we can do is be a month behind actual.

That's good to hear anyways I appreciate you do the best that you do, and up until this hiccup I was very satisfied by the rate of the updates to the charts and a month behind the actual date was always more than acceptable for me and of course their's no problem going at a slower pace with chart updates when your on your holidays. To be honest you'd deserve the entire time off.