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HintHRO said:
Nuvendil said:

Ah yes that dizying mountain of 2 ports from Nintendo and their direct partners is just a diabolically CRIPPLING strain on their resources.

Nintendo has far more new 1st and 2nd party offerings coming to the Switch in its first 10 months than ports.  Zelda (crossgen, not the same), ARMS, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriots, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom battle, Super Mario Odyssey, and Xdnoblade 2 are all retail new first and second party offerings in these first 10 months.  And that doesn't include Bomberman, which is a third part exclusuve.

What third parties do is mostly beyond Nintendo's control.

Zelda, MK8, Pokken, Lego, Dragon Quest X, and LOTS of indie-games are already on Wii U and these games make up a big part of the Switch library. Now rumors have emerged Nintendo is working on even more ports and PG is apparently working on Bayonetta 1 and 2 and W101 ports. If true, it's ridiculous. New generation consoles are made for new games, not for full-priced last gen ports or more expensive downgraded indie-ports.

I don't get why everybody is coming with the exact same list of new games. Those are only a few games in 10 (!) months. Even when assuming every single Switch owner is planning to buy all those games (I as a future Switch owner am most certainly not), it's still not a lot of content. When asking 320 euro's for you console with last-gen hardware you better offer a lot of games for a lot of different gamers. Not every Switch owner has to have the exact same library.

Zelda is crossgen, which is not the same as an after-the-fact port.  The ONLY after the fact ports - that is, non new games - Nintendo has had ANY HAND IN in these first 10 months is Mario Kart and Pokken.  Period.  Everything else you listed was other devs that Nintendo has no control over.  What other devs do other devs do.  This is hardly the first time ports have been aggressively pushed onto new hardware.  Hell, that was SOP for this gen, the Xbone and PS4 got numerous late-7th Gen ports.

And I was listing only first and second party efforts, not all the games.  Otherwise the list would be much longer.  It's a better list in ten months than in the first 12 of the PS4 or Xbone or Wii U.  To have that many significant retail 1st and 2nd party offerings in the first 10 months of a console, handheld or home, is impressive, especially when three of them come from powerful franchises.  Usually first and second party rosters this strong show up in year 3 or so.