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Alkibiádēs said:
StarOcean said:

It's a shit handheld. Battery life is absolute garbage. That on top of it being a weak console and you got yourself a system that can do a lot but nothing particularly well. Im a handheld enthusiast. But I cannot recommend something that can barely go further than the Wii U gamepad without a charge. 3-4hrs is fucking sad. The Switch is a decent idea but poorly executed. It'll continue to be a fucking pathetic excuse of a handheld until it can last at least 8hrs without a charge. As for the console part, there are better options. I have my PS4 and PC for games on my TV. I'd only use it as a handheld. But since it fails at even that, it really has no use until they fix the battery. And no, I won't buy a 3rd party battery to make it work the way it was intended. 

You do realize the battery life is pretty similar to the 3DS right? Lol... The battery life ranges from 3 to 6 hours depending on the game. What handheld ever got at least 8 hours of playtime without a charge? That's completely unrealistic lmao. No Nintendo handheld ever had such a long battery life. 3-6  hours is plenty, I've taken the console with me plenty of times and I've never ran out of charge before I could plug it in somewhere. 

And the PS4 and PC don't play Switch games on your TV, so that point is moot as well. 

Your expectations are completely unrealistic. There's no way Nintendo could cram a battery strong enough into the Nintendo Switch, so that it would last 8 hours... The thing would have to be incredibly big to fit a battery that powerful. 

Weak console? Have you even played any Switch games yet? I doubt it. 

Have you ever even touched a handheld? Unless you started gaming this gen, which sounds like it from this post, then you'd know many have lasted longer than 8. PSP, GBA, GBA SP, GBC, GB could all run 8+ hours easily. If this is unrealistic to you, 1991 is going to blow your mind when the Gameboy comes out. 

I don't play Nintendo games on TV. Well I do, but very very rarely. 

They sell batteries that last 8+ hours for the Switch. I'd know. People here link me to it all the time when I complain about the battery life.

It is weak. That's not even debatable. Same goes for the Wii U. Think that was powerful too?