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TallSilhouette said:
I just hope whoever praises these ports wasn't criticizing 8th gen's or vice versa.

I know I never did.  Didn't praise it either, it was just a thing.  There are 2 key differences though:

1) in 2014, when a lot of the most noteworthy ports landed, the PS4 and Xbone really were lacking in new exclusives.  PS4 made up for that quickly in 2015 and know...tried.  But at the time of, say Last of Us Remastered, it seemed they were leaning pretty hard on old games.  Compare this to Nintendo which has 7 major 1st and 2nd party new retail releases (not counting 1,2, Switch or Super Bomberman R) in 10 months, with them becoming more frequent as the year goes, and you can see why one would be more accepting of plugging a few holes with ports.

2) the PS3 sold 80 million, it's safe to say over half the dedicated gaming hardware consumer base had access to its library and even more had access to the multiplats.  Same with the 360.  Meanwhile, the Wii U sold a paltry 13 million, meaning it was in the hands of 10% of the consumer base if even that.  So the argument could be made that PS3 ports were somewhat redundant while Wii U ports give attention to games a lot of gamers never got a chance to even try.