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I very much enjoyed this movie.
Not my favorite, (Spider-Man 2), but damn it this is a close second.
The biggest thing I loved was Tom Holland. He is THE Spider-Man for me now. With all due respect to Andrew Garfield, and as much as I hold a nostalgia-bias Tobey Maguire, they both pulled off a great Spider-Man (Well, not so much Tobey, since he was more generic action, American hero than Spidey). But Tom Holland not only pulls off an amazing Spider-Man, but an even better Peter Parker as well! (It certainly helps that he's actually a kid and not a 25 to 30 year old trying to be a 15 year old.) But I truly did get the sense and understanding that even though this guy is this awesome, wall-crawling, web-slinging, acrobatic crime fighter, he's still just a kid.

Now as for my flaws or problems with this movie. Zendaya's character did absolutely nothing important to the plot, I've got nothing against her, but they hyped it up like she was going to be important, but she's really not. Maybe she'll play a bigger role in the sequel. (Sony and Marvel, I refuse to acknowledge her as "MJ". There is only one MJ, and her name is Mary Jane Watson, she will ALWAYS be Mary Jane Watson.) Flash was really weird. And having Aunt May find out at the end of the movie that Peter is Spider-Man was just underwhelming. Funny, but underwhelming.