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PEEPer0nni said:
Kerotan said:

All hypothetical but what if 2019 had a full year of ps4 at $199 and pro at $299 before a price cut to $249 and a super slim ps4 at $149. 

You'd also potentially have the likes of gta 6, the last of us 2 and death Stranding plus obviously more releasing that year.  

If the ps5 was nowhere in sight and was targeting a holiday 2020 or 2021 launch then 2019 could be huge. 

You could also potentially see a much cheaper psvr sku for something like $199. A lot of potentials above but if the stars aligned,  then who knows. 

Rockstar is not the type of company that releases a game every year. No chance for GTA VI this generation. 

If GTA VI is FC and can be played on PS5, then there won't be as much of a push to make sure it lands during this gen. If for whatever reason its not FC, then getting it out on PS4, a year or two before PS5 releases, will be a goal, so they can re-release it on PS5, just like GTA V on PS3 and PS4.