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SegataSanshiro said:

When I was a manager at GS in 2007 Nintendo would purposely send us 2-4 units at a time and a space of about 2-4 weeks in between shipments. No way in hell was it that hard to manufacture a overclocked Gamecube 360's were selling like crazy and we still had a bunch stacked in the back room and that was a state of the art machine. So yes Nintendo does it. It's good business. Create a high demand with low supply. It's a tried and true tactic. Switch is popular yes but Nintendo wants the hype to ride for not just popular but creating even more demand for a double edge sword.

Between my brother and I, we went through 6 "state of the art" 360's (each had 2 die RROD, each have 1 working now).  Meanwhile, my 2007 Wii still runs like a champ.  Quality is as quality does.