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KLAMarine said:
Aeolus451 said:
Yes. Mainly because I don't believe in coincidences of this size with businesses. You're not gonna have shortages (wii, nes classic, amiibo, switch, ds, etc) for as long as Nintendo does and with this many of their products. The people responsible would eventually lose their job over it if it kept happening. Artificial shortages, artificial scarcity and managed scarcity (whatever you want to call it) is a known business tactic and nintendo has been doing it for awhile. Having shortages once in a blue moon is one thing but it repeatedly happening with all of their popular products is quite another.

What if Nintendo is just terrible at estimating demand for their products?

I don't buy that. They've been having "shortages" since the NES. If a team of or a few employees was the reason for the repeated shortages with just one console or product, they would have been fired by any company. The shortages are fact-of-life with almost all of their hardware and popular products year round. There's definitely a pattern and that's why there's alot talk from a lot of notable gaming journalists, youtubers, business people saying the shortages have to be on purpose because it happens so much and that it is clever of nintendo to do it. If it's not intentional then it's a monumental fuck up by nintendo to let it keep happening for so long.

Uncontrolled random shortages are a bad thing but managed scarcity is a good thing if done right. There's a word of difference between the two. By all means, keep saying that nintendo is incompetent enough to keep having shortages for over two decades. That narrative is pretty hilarous to me considering that many nintendo fans act like nintendo walks on water and they always like to point out how nintendo is such a great business.