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PAOerfulone said:
This comparison will be fun to watch.
I see people who say Breath of the Wild will sell 10 million lifetime and I'm just thinking "Slow down. Let's see if it can become the #1 selling Zelda game first and then we'll see if 10 million is doable."
Seeing as how we have no data to compare it with Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess is the next best thing.
So far, Breath of the Wild is winning, but now Twilight Princess is starting to catch up. With summer coming up and other Switch games like Mario Kart, ARMS, and Splatoon 2 releasing, I anyicipate summer sales for Zelda take be pretty low werkly and for Twilight Princess to catch up.
HOWEVER, things should pick ip exponentially when we get to Breath of the Wild's first holiday season.

The thing is botw sales with wiiu were at 3.84mil in its first month. Game continued to sell well in april and with supply being an issue (for switch hardware) that shows itll have very good legs.


Its not 100% but BotW launch aligned is beating TP by quite a bit. 


Japan has TP ldt around I think 600k-650k. BotW is already at 588k retail (add in 50k digital to end of april) its already over. And itll do no less than 800k there (i think a mil can happen)


WW I think BotW will already be over 5mil+ by end of this quarter. (June) Thats 3.5mil short of TP ltd, without holiday + DLC Story.