IsawYoshi said:
TheDarkBender said:

I actually think every country in the EU has its own chart. I live in Belgium and the chart looks a bit different:

Norway have always had separate charts from other countries in europe as well so I think this is correct. Can't quite understand why, but I suppose there's a point to it.


Why the reviews on the eshop (not sure if they still are on the switch but they were on wii u and 3ds) are separate I really don't get though. Oftentimes a problem when you tried judging a game and because it wasn't the most mainstream there was only 11 reviews. Would make a lot more sense to share at least that with the entire region/world. 

Yeah, I also don't understand why they did that. Here everything also had only a few reviews, so the ratings were kind of pointless imo. There aren't any ratings on the Switch, but if they ever implement it I hope they'll use global ratings instead.