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barneystinson69 said:
160rmf said:

So you can call other people predictions ridiculous, but for you, people should be like "that's ok, mistakes happen"? This is not how things work.

Do yourself a favor and stop posting in anything related to switch sales prediction. It doesn't look good for you now and for the future will be worse. Unless you're doing this for attention, in that case, good job!

Being wrong and being rediculous are two very different things. What indication has proven the Switch will sell 100 million units? We're talking about PS4 sales here. Just a heads up, the Wii U and the 3DS COMBINED have done less than 80 million, and the 3DS has been on the market for almost 6 years. What makes you think that the Switch will go above and beyond that?

And what indications are showing that it won't?

If gaming history had told us, you can't determine the system future by looking at previous devices.

BTW, your thread is the definition of a ridiculous prediction.



We reap what we sow