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DroidKnight said:
Pinkie_pie said:
Its impossible to sell 80 million in 5 years. Ps4 might just do that but not the switch. And i doubt it can even sell 80 million lifetime. My guess is 50 million

Wii U + 3DS managed it, and that was with the Wii U holding it back.

3DS has been out 6 years and sold around 65m

WiiU has been out 4.5 years and sold around 13m...

So you can't really say that, when the best selling has been out 6 not 5 years.

3ds average per year: 10.83m

WiiU Average per year: 2.88m

Combined average for 5 years: 68.55m


Or without using averages.

3DS first 5 years + WiiU till discontinued = 70m.