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SegataSanshiro said:

Me and you are going to get along very well. I like you,your taste in games is awesome. Thank you for joining. Hello from Utah. (no not Mormon)

Sounds excellent to me! Wanna be Friends?

Flilix said:

You're a female? Like... a real one? They're quite rare on this site.

Yes, I've noticed that. When I first looked at this site, I noticed that like 60% of the avatars were female and thought "Wow, there are a lot of female gamers here!" Then I joined and discovered they were all guys. :P

It must reflect pent-up demand or something. ;)

Nautilus said:
I dont think most of the users here mind if you are a girl that games.As long as, and I think I speak for everyone here, you are a nice person and enjoy games as we do and loves to discuss about it and everything in betwenn, you will always be welcome, no matter what your tastes, gender, or game preferences are

Thanks for your permission! ;)

Zekkyou said:
Welcome to the forums! :D

Just a heads up since you're interested in the more political end of gaming; the mod team takes a pretty hands off approach when it comes to opinions on the forums. Outside of serious extremes, pretty much any opinion is fine as long as it's presented respectfully. Based on our earlier conversation i don't see that being any kind of problem for you, but it's worth noting both so you're personally aware of it, and so you can report posts if a user pushes that line.

Unfortunately Final Fantasy 9 isn't your favourite game from 2000 though, so you're already banned.

Aaw, damn. 

I really liked FF 9, but there were so many great games that year that I don't think it'd even rank in my top five favorites. I mean besides The Longest Journey, you had games like Perfect Dark, Jet Grind Radio, Space Channel 5, Fear Effect...lots of outstanding games.

Well anyway, thanks for the heads-up! Not that I intend to cause any trouble (I really don't try to, though yeah I will probably discuss political subjects sometimes) and I don't report people often on message boards, but it's nice to know that the option is there if things devolve into like receiving threats and crazy stuff like that. It's happened to me before. Not here, but it has.

ironmanDX said:
That's quite a well thought out introduction. Where's the TL'DR version?

G'day, welcome and thank you.

I'm not very good at brevity, but let me try and give you the summary version:

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth --> I killed them all, thus making Earth safe for humans to inhabit* --> I started gaming in earnest, beginning with Metroid --> I pissed off my parents because they hated good games --> I got a life --> Games started sucking ass --> Games stopped sucking (as much) ass --> Here we are!

*Don't believe the fake media.

StarDoor said:
Jaicee said:

Suddenly that type of unsubtle misogyny became the new norm in video games, even to the point that Nintendo somewhat embraced it with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, for example.



This needs an explanation.

I was referring to the combined damsel in distress premise plus mercy killing requirement. That's a trope I've always found particularly offensive. The first game I know of that used it was Ghosts n' Ghouls way back in the '80s, and then Duke Nukem in a much bigger and more extreme way in the '90s. In the 2000s though through really 2012, that time frame, it became popularized because by then consumers were used to the standard damsel in distress scenarios, so developers started trying to add "dark and edgy innovations" to them instead of just trying something genuinely new. That trend really began with Breath of Fire IV around the turn of the century and encompassed a LOT of games for a long time after that. Twilight Princess was one of them, although Nintendo's variation was more light-handed than most, as Zelda gets revived in the end and whatnot. Still, it struck me that even a conservative company like Nintendo would opt for that route (especially given that they had seemed to be on a different, and what I'd consider somewhat more positive, track with the character over time). That in my mind just cemented how normalized this particularly misogynistic line of thinking had become in gaming.

The mercy killing "twist" is usually narrative excused by the girl or woman becoming demon-possessed, thus obliging you to kill them "for their own good". Think about that for a minute. That's the literal definition of demonizing someone.

Hiku said:

You misspelled "your welcome". That's how all the cool kids spell it these days.

I had to google "Out of This World" but I recognise it from videogame magazines I read at the time. I never got to play it, but the game sort of reminds me of a mx of two games. One is another SNES game I can't remember the name of and the second is Oddworld Abe's Oddysee.
Maybe Out of this World is nothing like it. Just judging from a very short clip I saw.

Also, I'm appalled by the lack of Chrono Trigger on your list!

Out of This World has some similarities to Oddworld, but they're primarily thematic ones.

And sorry about Chrono Trigger! I loved that game too! I think I'd consider that my third-favorite game from 1995, just behind Chop Suey and Solar Eclipse. All three were really creative games, but Chop Suey's looping narrative structure and amazing aesthetic was way ahead of its time and Solar Eclipse was like the best game ever to use live acting aside from like Her Story much more recently. (It was certainly a vast improvement over Sewer Shark and Night Trap. ;) ) I love the stories in all three games though.

Qwark said:
Vgchartz is getting harsher these days, doesn't take much to be blocked by users these days it seems ;). Anyway welcome to vgchartz I guess. From your list I like heavy rain, meyroid prime beyond good and evil, the portals and a few others. Considering the speach about woman in video games you should try Uncharted 4 it has some of the best and most realistic (female) characters out there.

I have Uncharted 4. :) I get what you mean about its gender commentary. However, I've found that Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is a little more relatable to me in that conveys that same type of message about gender relations, but from a working class female perspective rather than from an upper-class male point of view, and without the race issues. I think they're best played back-to-back actually (despite their different genres) for the different angles they offer on a somewhat similar theme.