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TorterraBoy said:

Some people lost their trust with Nintendo after the WiiU, because of bad support (porting some of the WiiU's only good games to other systems [like the 3DS or Switch] or because the system did not get 3rd party support that it needed). 

However from what we've seen, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that will be Nintendo's main console & handheld system for the next few years, so they are focusing all of their game development on 1 system instead of 2 systems!

With the Switch there can not be any issues of:

-Animal Crossing on the 3DS but not the WiiU

-3 Fire Emblem games on 3DS but not WiiU

-Other games that were on 3DS but not WiiU / vice-versa



And now we can (maybe) see with the Switch:

-Another console monster hunter

-Mainline Console Pokemon game

-No abandoning 1st party support (like the Wiiu)


Nintendo can now focus all their first party support on 1 console! Something that hasn't been done since 1988!

And, now you don't have to own 2 different Nintendo systems (console & handheld) to get all of the Nintendo exclusives. With the Nintendo Switch all the games are on 1 system, they can't abandon support.

Even if the Switch wasn't a hybrid and Nintendo released a handheld with a separate library i would still trust Nintendo 1st party support.


The Wii U which IMHO has the worst nintendo library of all their home consoles was worth getting for 20% of it's games alone.