SegataSanshiro said:

I like the game a lot. Wind Waker my all time fave tho. I ESP love the TP soundtrack. The best Kakariko Village song ever!

Yes! After awhile, i started humming songs that didn't really jump at me like Wind Waker did, but they grew on me. Especially the over world.

Keybladewielder said:
Zelda TP is one of my favorite games. The dungeons are simply amazingly designed. Midna is one of my favorite characters ever, the items are cool (especially the double clawshot and the spinner) but it's a shame that some of them are underused. I liked the bosses but I wish they were harder (I know TP HD has Hero Mode but I don't have a Wii U). Stallord is particularly cool. Really liked the sense of grand epic adventure I got from the game.

I think that's the big take away, it really feels like a grand adventure. It's funny how everyone has different favorites of zelda for various reasons.