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After all these years, i finally finished the game. I've now completed:

NES Zelda / Oracle of ages and season / Skyward sword / Wind waker / Twilight princess / Hyrule warriors (if you want to count that)

This game was amazing! For a long time skyward sword has been my run away favorite, but I may have to reconsider the top spot, possibly make it a tie. The dungeons were really good ( i even enjoyed the water temple), the atmosphere, Midna, being wolf link, the puzzles were tough, very cool items/weapons and some memorable bosses. 

I say all this having just come off windwaker, which i liked alot of things about, but the dungeons were awful and the game was pretty easy, although i did enjoy the final boss.

I've only managed to play up to the water temple of Ocarina of time ( i know i know.....), even though i've had it for n64, gamecube, wii vc and now 3ds... perhaps i'll get to it later this year, but in the meantime, BRING ON BREATH OF THE WILD!