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zorg1000 said:
potato_hamster said:

Why do I doubt that there will be any online functionality? Because it's Nintendo. This is the same company that has sold and continues to sell Nintendo 3DSs without a power cord in the box. This is the same company that made a console that was so expensive to produce that it only recieved one price cut in its five years on the market. This would a very Nintendo thing to do, and should be a surprise to absolutely no one if the Switch launches without the ability to play with each other online.

This is the same company that released a $600 console and told people to get a second job. The same company that released expensive memory cards when other portable devices were using standard SD cards. The same company that released a revision of their most recent handheld and could only play a fraction of its games. The same company that lost a lawsuit for falsely advertising Remote Play.

This is the same company that released a console with a massive failure rate. The same company that used proprietary hard drives instead of letting people choose the kind they want. The same company that thought always online, no used games and kinect being required were great ideas.

i dont see you doubting each and every decision by Sony/Microsoft despite them making some dumb decisions.

Don't worry, Microsoft isn't much better than Nintendo, I just really don't care about what they do because I have absolutely zero interest in any of their exclusives. I have no compelling reason to ever buy another Xbox. Nintendo on the other hand is different.

Sony right now is winning because they make it so much easier for me to play the games I want, how I want, at a price I'm comfortable with, without jumping through hoops. Even still, I doubt a lot of the decisions that Sony makes actually (I recently railed against them for releasing the PS4 Pro, and only calmed down about it because they made it in the least bad way possible) Over all though, Sony actually make more decisions I agree with than bad ones. Nintendo makes almost entirely horrible decisions in hardware and has for the five years or so. Every piece of hardware they've released in that period has been tainted with at least one completely nonsensical decision that shows how completely out of touch they are. 

Nintendo makes great games people want to play and then gives people reason after reason after reason to not buy them.