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1. Agree.

2. Superchunk is a vocal minority. Agree.

3. Agree. 12 people bought the Wii U, no one cares what they think.

4. Agree. Wii U's first year had lots of western multiplats, it helped... not.

5. System sellers they are, indeed. My problem is with the amount of games available to consumers in 2017 though, not just March and April. 

6. Droughts? No, I don't think so. They should've had more games ready for 2017. 

7. No arguing here.

8. I expect a continuation of decline in the west in 2017... until the Switch price comes down by a lot, but until then, I can't pit it against the 3DS. It doesn't matter if the switch is better executed than the 3DS at this point, when it's much more expensive and with an annual fee on top.

When will we get the first price cut? What if the Switch perception becomes too tarnished before it reaches an acceptable price point? 

9. Current gamers, former gamers, and even the non-gamers. In the end, The addressable market is "gamers". 

You are partially correct here. I've abstained from buying (Wii U, 3DS, PS4, PSV, XB1), they suck. It feels like generation 7.5 to many, but to me, that's an insult to generation 7. Most of these consoles took 2 steps forward and 10 steps backwards. I am not a former gamer though. PC (free-online & portability), 3DS and iOS fill my current gaming needs. 

So I guess my question is, how do we know the Switch is good for former gamers? It takes a leap of faith to say "yes" with a straight face, in my opinion. 

10. I don't care for the price. The market, however, does. The NS won't succeed the 3DS for a while. Nintendo is being greedy here, that's fine when you are in a position to play ball and if you are very confident in your product. Unless we are strictly speaking about Japan, a country that values portability a lot, you shouldn't be confident with that price tag.

You also ignore that paying for online is a very hard pill to swallow for some. One I personally haven't swallowed. Miyazaki's Demon's souls made me buy the dreaded PS3, but his bloodborne couldn't make me buy the PS4 because I refuse to pay for online gaming.