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No lol. There are tons of games coming out on it, including remasters I've never played before. When Nintendo introduces a new IP, people always at first think it looks stupid, but most often those games turn into ones we remember the most about those systems (Splatoon, Pikmin, Wii Sports, etc).

The punching game, personally, looks like it could be the next great thing. That game looked absolutely amazingly fun to play.

And the whole POINT of the Switch is that it allows you to play games in such a unique fashion and change it up whenever you want. If anything, getting rid of one of the redundant hd twins makes a lot more sense. Rather, I'd like to have just Nintendo devices and PC, at least until Microsoft and Sony stop focusing on graphics and more on innovation within the industry. I mean seriously, some people may hate 1-2-switch, but my goodness is that something I NEVER would have expected! Nintendo is the company that comes up with brand new ideas.

I actually think 1-2-switch would be like the perfect game for when you invite a bunch of friends over and want to do a party game. I do this every Monday night with some friends (my wife and I invite over people) and sometimes we do boardgames. This game and device would be amazing for those nights!