Darwinianevolution said:
So many good games... Pokemon Black and White are still a milestone for every Pokemon game after to beat. We also got New Super Mario Bros, which revitalized the 2D Mario after years of absence, Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, Chrono Trigger (DS mode is best mode), Pokemon Platinum, the Etrian Odyssey games, Sonic Rush and Colours, The World Ends with You, Tetris DS (the best and most complete Tetris game ever), the freaking Megaman Zero Collection, plus ZX and ZX Advent, Jump Ultimate Stars, GTA Chinatown... Not to mention GBA BC, which is awesome!

There are so many great DS games left unplayed or just undiscovered, it's insane. It deserves its spot as best selling handheld ever.

YES! and online was intense!!

Kirby canvas curse, possibly my favorite kirby above all was the treasure of the DS software. And thanks to a "certain" chip with a letter and a number, i got to discover many gems that became all time favorites like advance wars Dual strike and days of sorrow....so good!

and who didn't like New super mario bros.

Also remember being super excited for Yoshi island DS,....it was okay, but not stellar like the 1st. 

Metroid prime hunters online!!! YEAAASSS

Pokemon diamond and pearl i think are still my favorite poke games. the introduction of online battle was hours of fun.

also really liked Harvest moon DS, which was just a classic top down version of "a wonderful life".

the best series i got into was the Ace attorney series. thank you DS