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zorg1000 said:
potato_hamster said:

My point wasn't about price at all. Besides, I got one of my vitas on clearance for $50 (and my PS TV for a whopping $13), and the PS4 was on sale black friday for what? $230 at some places? So that's only $270 for that experience presently if you shop around . But that's really neither here nor there.

The point was about how this option currently exists. Sure Nintendo is taking it a step further, but they didn't exactly change the face of gaming as we know it by offering a better version of what others have been doing for years any more than Sony changed the face of gaming by releasing the PS4. It's a new iteration on an established idea using more current technologies.

Like I said, Wii & DS were considered innovative takes on motion & touch controls as was Kinect for gesture controls and the new VR headsets for virtual reality.

None of those ideas were new, they were simply far more streamlined, accessible & higher quality versions of already existing ideas. Despite that, they are all considered to be innovative.

The concept doesn't matter if the execution sucks, which is what makes the ability to play the full Nintendo ecosystem at home or on the go on Switch innovative while the ability to play the full Playstation ecosystem at home or on the go is an expensive & cumbersome mess.

.... you do realize that you don't actually know at this point that the Switch plays the "full Nintendo ecosystem", right?