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Pyro as Bill said:
Guitarguy said:


Some people on the internet seem to think that soccer mums, aunties, grandparents etc will be begging Nintendo to be able to buy the Switch like what happened with the Wii. But the Wii was extremely affordable as it was essentially an up-clocked Gamecube with no expensive large LCD/OLED portable 720P screen. Just because a reveal has X million views in Y amount of days does not correlate to day one or even lifetime sales.

It might be a mega success, it might be an utter failure. You can never really tell. The Dreamcast broke US launch records at the time and that console barely broke the 10 million unit barrier AND it had great third party support.

F*ck the Wii

The 'casuals' loved this too and it smashed Wii's sales

You are not wrong, but handheld gaming has definately seen a steep decline with the rise of mobile gaming. I think Nintendo is wrong in targeting casuals/non-gamers. I don't think that non-gamers make up a decent percentage of of the PS4's massive success. Casuals and non-gamers(soccer moms, grandparents etc) don't splash out $299+ for a console anymore, at least not in droves of tens of millions. The Wii was an anomaly and prior to tablets and smart phone gaming. I think the majority of people that buy consoles now are people specifically interest in video games as a medium, not someone's aunty.