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SnakeDrake said:
Acevil said:

Surprisingly don't think TNA existing would matter to WWE anymore. WWE raid on ROH and NJPW has basically created them a huge supply of wrestlers. 

I think the only thing that could rival WWE is if independents banded together and had solid TV contracts. (More than ROH and NJPW)

I don't know what banning all the Indy brands would do.

Well key is having the talent + solid TV contracts. Wrestle Kingdom is already huge and I could say in terms of wrestling fans, it rivals almost all WWE events minus two, but most indies are regionally popular. NJPW in Japan, AAA in Mexico, etc. WWE competition needs to be global. 

Right now NJPW and ROH using talents effectively and I could say are growing talents to be worldwide sensations, which is awesome. However WWE ends up taking a lot of those stars away.