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sethnintendo said:
Darashiva said:
Most of the time motion controls were just a tacked on gimmick that brought nothing to the games they were used in, so I have to say no. I never saw the appeal of Kinect (or Sony's motion controls for that matter).

One instance that I prefer the Wiimote + nunchuck over dual analog would be FPS.  Pointing with Wiimote seemed almost as good as using a mouse for aiming.  CoD controls on WaW and BO1 for the Wii were almost perfect in my opinion.  Just took a little time to master but once you did it was far superior to dual analog.  Sad part is that I didn't enjoy the controls for Goldeneye even though I believe they had a CoD setup under control options.  Just didn't see to have the same feel as CoD games.

On the Wii motion controls made sense, since they were part of the mandatory control scheme. On the PS3 and 360 they just felt like pointless gimmicks trying to cash in on the unexpected success of the Wii. And even on the Wii they were very often poorly implemented and pointless, but at least they had a reason for being there.