think-man said:
crissindahouse said:

I don't think so. Just too many WoW players (current and former) around the world who want to see it. No expensive actors will help to have a not too high budget (but probably still very high). 

It will have probably no legs since most fans will see it first weekend but with the release in China it will probably make enough money. It will be huge there I guess. 

Well, I may be wrong but I think it will be profitable.

The budget on the Movie alone was $160 million, thats not even including the advertisement.

Sure, but with famous actors like In other movies with big budget it would be probably like  $200m+, that's what I tried to say. 

That it still  needs to make a lot is obvious but like I said, I think China will do it for this movie. I may be wrong but I can see it exploding there. 

Not that I really care, I never played WoW since I don't touch addicting MMOs like this.