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kitler53 said:

i think NX was going to have trouble regardless but...

...the advantage for sony on iterative hardware is never having to hit the "reset" button each generation.  now my investment is in playstation the gaming platform not the ps4 the peice of hardware that plays games.  with sony dominating the market now that domination kind of extends indefinetly.  it's not impossible to displace them but really hard.  very few people change between apple/android smartphones because of their investments in the platform.  it will now be the same with playstation and xbox.

I agree but there is one major difference between the smartphone market and the console market. In the smartphone market, the phones are substitutes for each other meaning that you could replace one with the other. It would not make sense to own both and apple and android because they carry out most of the same basic functions. Consoles on the other hand are different in the fact that it makes sense to own multiple. Instead of being faced with the question of upgarding the console or switching platforms, there is the question of upgarding the console or expanding the library with a new platform.