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So... Heavenly Sword is included but Dragon Blade: Wrath of fire isn't? I realize it says a generic Sept. release for the game but if you're including a game that we all know has been delayed and a non exclusive (Ninja Gaiden) why do you not include Dragon Blade?

E3 will give us a much clearer idea of what to expect for the rest of the summer. There are still a few unannounced games for each platform. The Wii will have it's demo and new game download service opened up in July/August. There are a few games that are planned to appear as both store boxed and online purchase for that service so, let's play the wait and see game.

Hopefully the PS3 and 360 also have a few secret things hidden up their sleeves. I want an interesting summer!

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.