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Airaku said:
People who say "yes" must think the Xbox One won't be getting any increases of sales once the NX comes out. What a silly notion.

It's not that. Of course the XBox One will continue to sell after the NX comes out. It is the fact that the Wii U will essentially be exempt from the marketshare once the NX comes out(VGChartz did not blend PS3/360 sales into the Wii U/PS4/Xbox One sales) so in essence the PS4 and Xbox One marketshare will automatically rise by default once the NX is factored into the equation and the Wii U is exempt. It will be the NX which will start off at a tiny percentage and have to battle it out.

Let's also not forget to the PS4 continues to outsell the Xbox One by pretty much 100%(double) weekly worldwide so the PS4 is constantly taking up more and more marketshare despite the Xbox One still selling.