Nautilus said:
Has there been a console that had this many rumours before even being revealed?

The "Revolution" was worse. You have no idea. People were making websites for it... and actually concept videos in full 3D. Stuff that was A LOT of work. This isn't even remotely close to all the shit that's been done. The NX rumor mill is very small in comparsion. Sure we had a guy fool us all with a controller, but the shit people pulled with the Revolution is crazy.

I am a little skeptical on if Nintendo was using Game Cube dev kits to demo the first batch of demos in 2005 on the Wii because the hardware wasn't ready, and ended up just going with it because it worked. Apparently it was supposed to be HD or some shit.

Ugh... the rumors were just crazy, and unlike these rumors. They go into pages of specs, explaining how the hardware works, how the new gimmic will work. It was like this console was something god sent to the gamers -_-

Anyone know what the name of that really cool (fake) game was called? Xeneoxas or something like that?