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Ka-pi96 said:
maxleresistant said:

He grabbed a phone!!! Oh my god! Call the army right away, this guy is a menace and shouldn't be allowed to live in our society.

What the fuck? This guy has done absolutely nothing. 

Oh and just saw this too

Wolfsburg are reportedly discussing how to deal with a video leaked on social media that allegedly shows Max Kruse naked.

In the 30-second clip, which was shared via WhatsApp on Monday evening, a man is seen filming himself in bed while masturbating.

But yeah, you still shouldn't be grabbing peoples phones just because they took a photo of you. Kind of goes against what representing your country should stand for.

It was his birthday, he was partying he didn't want his picture taken. Now if you tell me he hurt the girl or something, I will agree he went too far, otherwise, I don't see anything wrong enough.

There is a video of him masturbating? Man, if we fire every man or woman that has a naked picture or video of him somewhere, then we're going to have a really big employment problem. Do you think Jennifer Lawrence shouldn't be an actress anymore? 

All I can see, is someone being accused of being a human. The only difference between him and any other person is that his life is made public, and it's really hard for him to have a private life.

Yes he should be more careful, yes he should behave better when in public. But loose his job for that? Take a good look in the mirror before you judge someone. This looks like a bunch of catholic 12 yo tried to deliver some kind of christian justice.  The world is far from being that simple and narrow minded