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There is one point nobody seems to realize (which was the reason why I postet my little Story): Back in the PSX and N64 days 50 Million consoles were a huge userbase but the market grows with every new generation, so the 32 million N64´s are probably about 50 million PS3 today. BTW: the NES sold it´s 60 million not in the first 5 years, it needed about 10 years to reach that number. Look at Japan: the DS is doing awesome - but is the PSP really struggling? No, it is far away from it and thanks to Monster hunter and some FF title the numbers will probably increase. I expext the PSP to sell at least 10 million consoles in Japan and maybe 15 are possible, too. What I want to say: DS and Wii can be awesome sucessfull without making the other consoles struggling. It doesn´t matter if the Wii sells 120 million consoles the PS3 can still sell 50 million. Sucess of the Wii doesn´t mean the PS3 will fail - it is an entire new situation on the gaming market. So Kwaad and all the others who say the PS3 numbers will increase are anything but wrong - it may just never reach the Wii. (just a posibility not my personal opinion) So it is not: What will sell better? 360, Wii or PS3? It is "will all consoles sell good or will just one?"