okay, im gonna keep it real simple. since you havent talked to her yet, there is no point in being a jerk to her to let her want you, because thats not gonna work if you havent even spoken to her yet. anyways here is what you gotta do.

ask her out, right off the bat. why do guys get in the friend zone? because they lead them selfs to it by not having the guts to ask a girl out in the first place. so they act as a friend, and ultimately become friends, and hence the friend zone. girls dont put guys in the friend zone, its guys who put them selfs there.

so back to my advice on what to do. ask her out, right away, be confident (you dont need to be, just act like it, just let her believe you are), but preferably be confident, because girls want that. and make it clear you are interested in her in that way. if she says No, well.. its done, if she says yes, well thats great.

dont be one of those guys who are secretly in love with a girl for so fucking long without having the balls to ask her out. if you ask her out right away it shows confidence. and you dont have to spend a long time wishing you are with her. dont drag it on, ask her, and you will know. if its a no, its okay, not the end of the world. dont be afraid of the No. dont let that own you.

thats my advise.