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There's this girl who my Mom likes, my Mom really wanted me to meet her because she's a gospel singer and my Mom ENJOYS her music. I didn't know her so I didn't want to. When I first seen her in person.... it's like I knew her before in another life. it was a weird fussy feeling inside my stomach. After the church we all had a gathering in the basement and played musical chairs and stuff. I sat right next to her many times but didnt have the guts to say hi. We were all laughing and having fun, but I wish I could've said something to her   

Then after that night I started thinking about her ALOT.... and somehow magicly had these feelings for her. Her smile, her personality, EVERYTHING about her is just PERFECT for me. Then a few weeks later, there was this song playing and Me and my Mom just entered the church, we were walking to find seats and we walked past HER.. We made eye contact and she seemed really interested, like she was trying to learn something... I just melted inside and had butterflies. I couldn't stop thinking about her for days. Next week she was sitting all the way on the other side of church and she looked over towards us and stared at us for a few seconds. I just pretended I didn't know she was looking. I got so happy she looked at me again.  

Now here I am.... she RECENTLY moved to the next state next to mine and I'm going nuts!!! i keep thinking about her, I go to the mall alot and see other girls but I dont want any of them... I only want HER. I listen too her music and go through her facebook. I want her so much....but she's probably busy with her life in the other state and forgot all about me. I just live my life thinking about her, not doing anything. Her family owns a church every saturday and I'm thinking of going there. But that'd be too pathetic to do. My Mom has her on facebook but I don't, because I dont want to say something stupid over facebook and let her see it.

I just want her to know me, see what I do in life, my passions and fears. But with her, I want to know so much about her, talk to her all night. Help her. Atleast be her friend..... but we haven't spoke before though. I'd actually cry if I heard she was getting married or something. Time is running out and I want to do something before she finds someone but I can't. Sometimes i think to myself that I had my chance and I blew it... so I should just look for someone else who lives in my city.